Plastic Free By 2023

of plastic saved so far


We have set out our aim to remove plastic packaging from our own label range completely by 2023. This work has begun with the launch of our first meal ranges in paper-based trays, saving 150 tonnes of non-recyclable black plastic this year. In the counter above we will monitor our progress in real time as we deliver against our plan.

Why urgent action is required

More plastic has been produced in the last decade than in the previous century – and unless it has been incinerated, every bit of plastic ever made still exists. Far too much of it is ending up in the world’s oceans. Our MD Richard Walker and Greenpeace Director John Sauven visited New Brighton to meet beach cleaners and talk about the urgent reasons for Iceland’s action.

Our new Hungry Heroes meals for kids and Mumbai Street Co Indian food are everything you would expect from Iceland: delicious, convenient and great value. But they also break new ground in using paper-based trays instead of the usual black plastic. These ranges are 85% plastic-free: the trays are sealed with a thin plastic coating, but are fully recyclable within the normal domestic paper waste stream, and the lids are non-recyclable plastic film. We are working hard on an alternative water-based coatings and non-plastic film that will allow us to make these and other ranges 100% plastic-free.