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Malcolm Walker

Iceland Chief Executive Sir Malcolm Walker CBE has been a successful entrepreneur since his schooldays.

He founded Iceland and chaired the business through 30 years of consistent sales growth until his departure in early 2001, then returned four years later to lead one of the most remarkable turnarounds in the history of UK retailing.

Sir Malcolm is also a regular commentator on industry issues in Retail Week.


Sir Malcolm Walker CBE

Malcolm founded Iceland with just £30 in 1970. He was sacked from his day job with Woolworths when they found out about it, and 31 years later he was sacked from Iceland, too, before making a spectacular comeback in 2005.

Retail Week Columns

Sir Malcolm is a regular columnist for Retail Week, and is not afraid to espouse unfashionable causes like sticking up for landlords as well as criticising the excesses of Government red tape.

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