At Iceland we believe that we have a responsibility to play our part in preserving the planet for future generations. The oceans are one of our most precious resources and in some instances are most at risk.
This is why we developed SeaKind®, a commitment to our customers so that they can feel assured that all of our own brand fish and sea food has been caught or farmed in a responsible way.
We want to reassure our customers that they are not buying products that harm the marine environment or other species, and to ensure the future supply of plentiful fish stocks.
Iceland has developed five sourcing principles that ensure the values behind SeaKind® become a reality:

1. Traceability

2. Transparency

3. Auditing our supply chain

4. Making responsible sourcing decisions

5. Addressing areas of concern promptly

We take this custodianship very seriously and insist on rigorous standards being adhered to, from sea or farm to shelf. This is why we believe in SeaKind®.