Shop Smart, Cook Savvy: An Iceland & Utilita Partnership Manifesto

In a unique partnership, supermarket Iceland Foods Ltd and energy supplier Utilita will commit to a series of pledges that will have a direct and noticeable impact on the cost of cooking food at home forever.

Iceland is known as the UK’s most committed discounter by providing affordable value for families on an increasingly tight budget and Utilita is known as the UK’s only energy supplier created to help households use LESS energy. Together, the consumer champions are set to help hard-up families choose the most cost-effective way to cook food, and save as much as £508* a year using ‘Utilita’s Cooking High 5’ advice, against a backdrop of unprecedented energy price rises.

Iceland pledges to

1. Update cooking methods across relevant own-brand packaging

Energy saving cooking instructions and guidance will be introduced to Iceland own brand products, a UK supermarket first.

2. Provide air-fryers for sale at a cut-price / market-leading price point

Iceland will work alongside Tower Housewares to offer its customers air fryers, the cheapest kitchen appliance to cook most frozen foods, at reduced prices. Utilita data has shown that air fryers are the most energy efficient kitchen appliance to use, especially when cooking frozen products, costing an average of just 12p per day to run – compared to 73p for an electric cooker. Retailing at the discounted price of £35, customers can make their investment back in around 56 days of avoiding the oven.

3. Introduce new deals to products that will help make a difference

Iceland will continue to offer discounts and promotions and will launch new initiatives that will impact households most affected by the cost-of-living crisis.

4. Launch money saving blog Affoodable

Iceland and The Food Warehouse will be launching a new money saving website that helps customers tackle the cost of living, from speaking with the best budget bloggers and financial advisors as well as providing guidance from nutritionists.

5. Provide money saving guidance at every touchpoint

Iceland has enlisted several experts who will be providing regular educational information to its customers on how to save money when shopping and cooking.

6. Train all store staff on ways to save when cooking

Customers will be able to go into any Iceland store and ask the store staff for advice on how to save when cooking with the ‘Cooking High 5’ top tips created in partnership with Utilita.

Utilita pledges to:

1. To educate all UK households on the fives ways to save up to £508

Utilita aims to educate every UK household on the most cost-effective cooking methods and appliances based on its pioneering research. This will be achieved through proactive campaigns (such as the Shop Smart, Cook Savvy Iceland partnership), through its 10 High Street Energy Hubs, and via a national ‘Cooking High 5’ community education tour using Utilita’s Mobile Energy Hub.

2. To publish the pioneering research

Utilita will publish the Review of the Energy Cost of Cooking research and promote extensive public use in the interest of consumer savings.

3. To deliver ‘real time’ savings insights

Utilita will update the research paper and ‘Cooking High 5’ savings each quarter, in line with the energy price cap adjustments to present ‘real time’ savings. This will be made available to all UK media and consumer champion stakeholders.

4. To encourage more supermarkets to follow suit

Utilita aims to encourage more supermarkets to follow Iceland’s lead and use the research to help their customers to save when cooking.

5. To sell products that enable cooking-related savings

Utilita will sell a range of products that enable cost savings associated with cooking, heating and basic energy use at home via its High Street Energy Hubs. All products will be clearly labelled with average cost savings and a return on investment figure, to inform consumers’ purchasing decisions.

*Based on the 1st October estimated price cap adjustment for direct debit tariff customers.