Suppliers are regularly targeted by fraudsters who pretend to be employees of Iceland and place orders for goods that they intend to steal. Valid orders for goods will only ever be placed by an Iceland buyer, who will be based at our head office in Deeside, Wales. Valid orders will also only be sent from an email address ending in, and never from any other email address.

Iceland will never place an order only by email: our buyers will have several telephone conversations with any potential supplier and we will also want to inspect the products and visit the manufacturing sites before placing an order. All valid orders will be for delivery to Iceland depots located in Livingston, Warrington, Deeside, Swindon and Enfield in the UK. There will be no other authorised delivery addresses.

If you suspect that an order purporting to be from Iceland may be fraudulent please forward the details to the Iceland Legal Services Department, email address, and we will respond as soon as possible.

Please also contact

For more information visit Action Fraud’s page on distribution fraud.